FAQ - Hardware

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How do I brand the Yodabooth?
The Yodabooth can be branded 180 degrees with a single magnet. We supply a magnet with every Yodabooth so you can wrap it with stickers or vinyl. Or you can use the Photoshop templates to create your designs and have it printed by your local supplier.

How long does it take to set up a Yodabooth?
Both our Y19 and Y40 models are easy to set up. It should not take longer than 10 minutes to set up the Yodabooth. No need for screws or tools.

How do I transport the Yodabooth?
Both our Y19 and Y40 come in custom designed bags. The top of the Y19 attaches to the bag of the base for easy transportation. You’ll only need one trip from your car to the venue.

Will it fit in my car?
Yes. The bags of both Yodabooth models will fit in any four-door car.

Can I rotate the camera?
Yes. The tilt mechanism allows you to rotate the camera 90 degrees. You can also tilt the camera up and down.

Does the Yodabooth come with a flash?
Yes. All Yodabooths delivered within the United States have an Impact flash installed.