The Ultimate All-in-One Photo Booth system


Unparalleled design.

The Yodabooth Y19's design is one of a kind. From the LEDs in the base to the constant lighting in the top, the Yodabooth will light up any venue.

Yodabooth Y19


Powerful software.

Create experiences your customers love. The Yodabooth software has been developed to design creative activations for both private and corporate events.

Yodabooth software


Integrated printer.

You want to look professional at an event. That's why we integrated the printer into the Yodabooth Y40. Say goodbye to cables and uncovered hardware.

Yodabooth Y40

Manage all your events in one place

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Optimize your photobooth workflow

No more mix-ups

Create your event configurations and store them in the cloud. Take any Yodabooth to an event and simply download the configuration you need.

Last-minute changes

The event is about to start and your client wants to add a Facebook sharing screen or edit the content of the email? Now you can do it on the fly.

Don't let your clients wait

Your clients want to receive their photos ASAP. Share an automated photo gallery with them in just two clicks - moments after the event.



Brand your Yodabooth in minutes

Customers love to see their branding on a photobooth. That's why we designed a solution to brand your Yodabooth 180 degrees.

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Integrated printer

The Yodabooth Y40 comes with a built-in printer. The DNP DS620 is neatly integrated in the design.


Custom transportation bags

The Yodabooth is delivered in custom designed transportation bags. They fit in any car and allow you to set up with ease.